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Complex SiTec Research and Production Corporation was established in 2000 as a private enterprise by experts with high scientific and technological potential in the field of semiconductor science and a strong desire to put their ideas into practice. Our corporate ethics is based on mutual trust and respect. The Corporation’s Principals and Senior Managers have extraordinary experience in technologies and equipment development of CZ-silicon monocrystals growing. The experience of our experts is based on active and direct involvement (since the beginning of 1970s) in significant projects by Giredmet – former lead research institute for the semiconductor industry under the USSR Ministry of Non-ferrous Metals.

Since the beginning of 1990s our experts work in private business as senior managers or technical experts with companies that deal with silicon monocrystals and silicon wafers production and sales in Russia and abroad.

Technologies and equipment developed under the leadership or participation of our experts are widely used in Russia and Ukraine. Our experts have 30 Soviet inventor certificates and 2 Russian inventor patents.

The achievements of Complex SiTec in modernization of growing equipment, heat and mass transfer, gas- and hydrodynamics of CZ-silicon monocrystals growing are the basis of our project. In the town of Zelenograd near Moscow we have created our own manufacturing base for the production of high quality silicon ingots for solar and semiconductor industries as well as optical and sputting targets grade Silicon. In this project we use pullers developed by our company.

Our proprietary technologies allow us to produce high quality PV-products from almost all types of available silicon feedstock, including poly silicon chunks, chips, fines, poly silicon granular, poly silicon carbon ends, mono or multi bare wafers (as cut, as lapped, as polished), broken wafers, mono and poly remelt, top and tails, chips and pot scrap.

At customer request we can cut our solar grade PSQ silicon ingots into 180 or 200 micron thick wafers.

We supply silicon ingots to solar wafer producers that have among their clients such world renowned companies as Motech Industries and Isofoton.
Large semiconductor plants in Russia and Belarus are among our major clients.
We also have customers in France, Canada, USA, Poland, Czech Republic and other countries.