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- production and sales of silicon monocrystals and wafers of electronic and solar grade;
- production and sales of silicon sputtering targets according to customer’s specifications;
- production and sales of optic silicon blanks and wares;
- development of growing and auxiliary equipment for silicon monocrystals growth by CZ-method;
- development and improvement of test control for silicon monocrystals parameters;
- development and implementation of projects for silicon monocrystal production by CZ-method;
- engineering services (including installation, tuning and starting of pullers and auxiliary equipment, personnel training, development of technical documentation);
- scientific and technical consultations.

We supply silicon ingots to solar wafer producers that have among their clients such world renowned companies as Motech Industries and Isofoton.
Large semiconductor plants in Russia and Belarus are among our major clients.
We also have customers in France, Canada, USA, Poland, Czech Republic and other countries.